Chemical Peels

The Difference You’re Looking For

A Chemical Peel is a form of chemical exfoliation. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (e.g., Lactic Acid), Beta Hydroxy Acids (e.g., Salicylic Acid) and enzymes from natural ingredients like Rice, Papaya, Pineapple and Pumpkin are common ingredients used to exfoliate the skin. Imagine little PacMans eating away into the skin creating channels to lift off dead skin, kill bacteria, brighten the skin and correct concerns from under the surface.


Skin shedding is normal when having a peel. Depending how many layers We have a combination of gentle peels and highly advanced peels. These treatments will leave your skin feeling brighter, softer and refreshed!

Skin Warrior - $69 - 30mins

Chirally correct vitamins, antioxidants & hydroxy acid used to kill bacteria, renew, brighten & smooth the skin. Great for acne & pigmentation.   

Glow Up - $69 - 30mins

A gentle micro exfoliating treatment designed to soothe, exfoliants, hydrate & strengthen dry & sensitive skin.  

Skin Enhancer - $109 - 30mins 

Cosmedical grade vitamin A, amino acid & marine collagen peel to target visible sign of ageing & sun damage. Working on a dermal level to encourage a smoother, revitalised & even complexion. 


Advanced Jelly LED Therapy - $65 - 20min

Includes an advanced Jelly Mask applied to your face & sets under the LED Light Therapy

Any Jelly Mask to any Treatments - $40 - 20min

Includes a scalp massage while the mask sets. 

Add LED to any Treatments - $50 - 20min

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