The Ultimate Skin Booster

The Boost You’re Skin Is Looking For

The Ultimate Skin Booster treatment is a dual action system, designed to quench the skin with advanced ingredients to target rejuvenation, anti-aging, dullness & dehydration and much more. 

The way it works is that we use a needle head that has19 micro needles tips to inject the serum 0.5ml into the skins surface. When the skin is in trauma your body activates its natural wound healing response to rapidly repair and restructure the skin. In doing this it remodels the skin. Bringing blood flow, nutrients, cell turn over and production of collagen and elastin. Mix this with the boosting serum and you have one highly advanced transformative treatment.

The boosting serum is made up of 56 highly advanced ingredients such as;
-Vitamin B12
-Coenzyme Q10
- Hyaluronic Acid
-6 kinds of peptides
-3 kinds of enzymes
& much more!!



Ultimate Skin Booster - $300 - 60mins

Including a deep clean, booster treatment, advanced stem cell mask, Ice globe infusion, finishing products.


Add LED to any Treatments - $50 - 20min