Say Goodbye To Face Fuzz

Dermaplaning is physical exfoliation using a sterile scalpel to remove the top most layer of the skin along with removing peach fuzz & fine vellus hair! Your skin will be left feeling silky smooth and soft with an illuminating glow. Also allowing your makeup to sit better and your products to penetrate deeper into the skin.


NO, it will not make your hair thicker as its removing the surface hair at the skin so there is no stimulation to the hair to grow thicker. And YES its normal for your skin to feel slightly dry after. Keep hydrating and moisturising.

Full Face inc treatment mask with a jade roller infusion- $60 - 30mins


Advanced Jelly LED Therapy - $65 - 20min

Includes an advanced Jelly Mask applied to your face & sets under the LED Light Therapy

Any Jelly Mask to any Treatments - $40 - 20min

Includes a scalp massage while the mask sets. 

Add LED to any Treatments - $50 - 20min