Plasma Pen


A highly advanced results driven, skin firming, lifting, tightening treatment. Correcting fine lines, wrinkles of any area, droopy eyelids, under eyes, neck, jowls, stomach, sagging of the skin on pretty much on any area of the body.



The way it works is that the plasma pen releases an ionised gas with an electrical current. This current works through the surface of the skin down to the skin's dermis, to activate your fibroblasts. Fibroblast are what produces your collagen in the skin to firm, tighten and plump an area. 



The plasma gas when placed near the skin, creates tiny brown carbon crusts which triggers your bodies natural healing response (similar to needling), to heal and repair itself rapidly. The probe never touches the skin so there is no bleeding or injecting into the skin. The crusting naturally will fall away in 5-10 days. It's important not to pick and scratch the skin. Makeup can be worn on day 3 after the treatment. 



Full results can be seen at 12 weeks but superficial results can be noticed straight away. Imagine a piece of bacon when its cooking in the frying pan, it shrivels up. This is the same concept that is happening on the surface of the skin when we place the current near the skin.


Plasma Pen unfortunately isn't for everybody. Here at Skin Enhance we will only treat light to olive skin types not dark olive to dark. The reason for this is that the heat and trauma to the skin may cause permanent darkening/hyperpigmentation due to the strong melanin production in the skin. 

Eyelid or Undereye - $629 - 2hrs

Forehead or Crows Feet - $420 - 2hrs

Nasolabial Folds - $359 - 2hrs

Frown Lines - STARTING FROM $99 - 1hr

Top lip or Marionette Lines - $359 - 2hrs

Jowl Area - $475 - 2.5hrs

Neck - $599 - 2.5hrs

Full Stomach - STARTING FROM $375 - 2.5hrs